Nd:YAG 1064

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A near pain-free Nd:YAG laser with brilliant results

The Ellipse Nd:YAG 1064 is designed to give excellent and comfortable treatments of leg veins, facial telangiectasias, reticular vessels, resistant port wine stains, venous lakes, onychomycosis and warts.

While Selective Waveband Technology (SWT®) works effectively for many treatments, certain vascular indications are better suited to treat with an Nd:YAG 1064 laser. This applies mainly to deeper or awkwardly placed vessels and all leg vessels. 


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Optimized for patient comfort

A patented integrated cooling system, SoftCool™ produces cooled air exactly where you need it - at the treatment site - and requires no extra operator. The focused stream of cool air minimizes patient discomfort by efficiently removing excessive heat before, during and after Nd:YAG 1064 treatments.

Automatic spot adjustment for safe and effective operation

Automatic spot adjustment is controlled by the built-in clinical intelligence. An adjustable lens allows advanced users to futher adjust spot sizes from 1.5 to 5mm in intervals of 0.5mm without exiting the treatment.

Your tip selection

Choose between standard full circle tip for telangiectasias and reticular vessels, haemangiomas, venous lakes and port wine stain. Semi-circle for difficult-to reach vessels close to the eye or nose; aslo for treatment of nail fungus. Full circle sapphire tip (with contact cooling) where light pressure is needed to isolate the vessel to be treated.

Treatment of onychomycosis - fast and effective


The exact mechamism of Ellipse’s onychomycosis treatment is not totally known. Heating the nail fungus is one major factor, but introducing a sub-millisecond pulse adds a “photo-acoustic” effect to the treatment, weakening the cell structure of the nail fungus.

Ellipse’s onychomycosis treatment is done using a “painting” technique. This involves firing several shots per second while moving the aiming beam in a 2mm x 2mm grid pattern across the entire area. There is no need to pause during treatment of an individual nail. Because of the fast treatment, 10 nails can be treated in 10 minutes. Typically, a course of 4-5 treatment sessions is necessary, with two weeks internal. 



Also for treatment of warts

The penetration depth of the Nd:YAG wavelength makes it an ideal tool to treat resistant warts – such as large widespread plantar warts, and periungal or subungal warts – often found on the hand or foot, when medication or other technologies have failed. Often, only a single treatment is required.  


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Benign vascular lesions

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Treat difficult vascular lesions with Ellipse IPL and Nd:YAG laser

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Clear nail / Nail fungus

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Treat onychomycosis (nail fungus) in 10 minutes and without pain

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Treat stubborn (recalcitrant) warts


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My workhorse for many years


Ellipse has been my system of choice, my workhorse, for many years. This is because of the reliability of the system and because of the wide range of treatments available. The Nd:YAG allows me to treat larger vessels and has the added benefit that patients prefer the cooling mechanism to the intense cold of other systems.

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Prof. Dr. Med. Peter Bjerring
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Mølholm Private Hospital
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Vejle, Denmark

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