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We invite you to join the growing network of Ellipse owners world-wide! 

As an Ellipse system owner, you not only get the most innovative, clinically proven, safe and effective solutions. You also get access to a lot of benefits and advantages that will help you expand your business and increase your revenue opportunities. 

As an Ellipse customer you get access to...

With an Ellipse system you will expand your portfolio of treatments - and will enable your practice to grow its business substantially.

How can I grow my business?

  1. Firstly, Ellipse is the only system with low, known running costs. No hidden costs! We offer lifetime service on all Ellipse IPL applicators as long as the system is in operation, – giving you a clear picture of costs per treatment.
  2. Secondly, an Ellipse system is a high-quality and very reliable system that ensures the highest up-time. There is practically no waiting time. In effect, treatments can be lined up efficiently, which ensures a high return on your investment.
  3. Due to the well-known, excellent treatment results with an Ellipse system, your practice will experience increased demand for not only for Ellipse treatments – but will also benefit from the positive effect of demand for other, complementary treatments. With an Ellipse system you invest in a proven revenue generator that will grow the total business of your practice!

What is the total cost of ownership?

Ellipse_cost_ownership_IllustrationWith an Ellipse system you will have known, low operating costs. All lifetime costs of ownership are known and transparent. We offer total cost of ownership calculations in a variety of solution packages, tailor-made for your needs, with up to 5 years of all-inclusive costs – including initial costs, operation costs, maintenance and service contract.  

How fast is my return on investment?

ROI_illustration_200Let us calculate your potential earnings with an Ellipse system, as your return on investment, based on your situation –and real-life calculations from our existing customers!

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We invite you join the growing network of Ellipse owners world-wide!

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