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Meet Nordlys LIMITED

Nordlys LIMITED offers a wide range of aesthetic and dermatologic treatments combined with a user-friendly design and interface.  

The new flexible arm places the touchscreen and the accessory tray right at your fingertips, enabling you to easily and comfortably change settings without having to move around, and any additional accessories are always right where you need them.

8 Selective Waveband Applicators

The 8 different Selective Waveband Technology applicators are approved for 12 intended uses and offer fast and effective treatments. For example, an entire back can be treated with the HRL 600 applicator in less than 10 minutes.

"I like my Ellipse as it covers most of the treatments my patients ask for: Beginning with hair removal (even on skin type VI) or pigment correction.

My cooperation with Ellipse dates back to 2000 and I can't remember a single breakdown of the systems I have used during these 17 years."

Prof. Dr. Med. Michael Drosner, Institute for Laser Research in Dermatology, cutaris Center, Munich, Germany

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