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Introducing Sirius

Ellipse's clinical intelligence ensures safe and effective treatments and reduces the risk of side effects. Moreover, a built-in patient database stores all client and treatment data for you. Sirius comes with indications for use on hair removal, facial thread veins and skin rejuvenation.

With the SWT® applicators you reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury. The light weight of the applicators and the soft and flexible cables make it easy to change position. The design of the applicator head gives you a clear view of the treatment area in a comfortable working position, and for your convenience the accessory tray with screen can be moved to the left and right.

 “Both the VL 555 and the HR applicators have been designed with the operator in mind. The quick charging time in between shots, the swivel base, soft flexible cord and defined crystal block allow for easy access to all areas of the skin as well as fast, successful treatments.

 The HR comes in two sizes allowing treatment times to be reduced drastically. I enjoy using the standard size for smaller areas such as the face, underarms etc. And the larger applicator for the body. The specific settings associated with these applicators have improved my results considerably and I find treating stubborn patches or finer hairs much easier. 

 My clients have commented on how much more comfortable the new applicators are as well as how much less the stingy, red downtime is. I found it to be a great investment that really has expanded my treatment portfolio.”

Laser Skin Specialist, Mieke Morgan, London Cosmetic Clinic, London, United Kingdom

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