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Swt® applicators with unbeaten qualities

Economic - ergonomic - proven performance

By working with leading dermatologists, Ellipse has been able to create a new series of ergonomic hand pieces which are lighter than their classic predecessors and with much more flexible cabling, minimizing operator strain. Another important design criterion for the SWT® applicators has been to ensure an unobstructed view of the area treated.

All Selective Waveband Technology applicators are designed for long life and feature the unique “pay per shot” principle which ensures low and fixed running costs. This “pay per shot” principle provides up to 50 % savings in running costs (compared to classic applicators).

Great economics – save up to 50 %

Every time the applicator is used credits are drawn. When the stored credits are low, further credits can be purchased, to top up the account. It is only necessary to return applicators in the rare event these need physical refurbishment. And when this happens no standard refurbishment cost is charged.


Great ergonomics – low weight, flexible cabling

The SWT® applicators are lighter in weight than their classic predecessors. Their low weight and innovative flexible cabling make treatments much more comfortable for operators and clients.

Great performance – high client throughput

The SWT® applicators maintain high repetition rate during intensive use so high client throughput an be achieved even on busy days.

8 unique SWT® applicators available

For hair removal, three different SWT® applicators are offered: the standard size HR 600 (600-950nm, 10mm x 48mm) and large foot print HRL 600 (600-950nm, 18mm x 48mm) are both suitable for skin types I-V while the HRD 640 (645nm-950nm) is for hair removal in skin types III-VI.

For photo rejuvenation, vascular and pigmented lesions and acne the VL 555 (555-950nm) and PR 530 (530-750nm) applicators as well as the latest small spot version VLS 555 and PRS 530 are offered.

The PL 400 applicator (400-720nm) matches all 5 PpIX absorption peaks making it ideal for PDT treatments.





Download SWT Applicators brochure 

Ellipse PLUS applicators with hinged cabling

The cable of the SWT® applicator is very flexible and hinged to minimize operator strain.


Ellipse PLUS applicators in wall mount

A wall mount is available to hold extra applicators.


VLS 555 and PRS 530 small spot applicators for treating small areas accurately without affecting the surrounding skin. 

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