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Ellipse service and support

Ellipse Service and support

Your needs will be met quickly and professionally

Since Ellipse was founded in 1997, Ellipse has always taken great pride in providing superior service and quality to all our customers around the world.
Regardless of where you are in the world, we are committed to providing the industry's highest level of service.

Ellipse users in more than 50 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia are serviced by a network of distributors, all of whom are staffed with an experienced team of engineers, trainers and marketing personnel dedicated to providing you with full clinical, service and marketing support.

Your support includes:

• Thorough training of your staff in the use of Ellipse and clinical aspects of treatments
• Clinical hotline for answers to application questions
• Clinical workbooks with comprehensive yet easy-to-understand treatment information, including treatment recommendations and an Informed Consent form
• Workshops where experienced and new Ellipse customers can share knowledge and learn more about Ellipse and treatments
• Marketing assistance, including a full range of brochures, advertisements and direct marketing tools
• Cost-benefit analysis and suggestions for optimizing revenue
• Local technical support and service by factory-trained specialist engineers
• Membership of web-based user clubs for exchange of clinical experience and easy access to clinical as well as marketing materials.

Ellipse is probably the most reliable IPL and laser system in the market – and we can prove it…

Ellipse solutions are based on a modular design characterized by superior technical quality. This has resulted in probably the most reliable IPL and laser system in the market. The documented MTBF, mean time between hardware failures is typically more than 7 years and is constantly improving.




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