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Photo rejuvenation with Ellipse IPL and lasers

Photo rejuvenation by Ellipse 

Before and after images of photo rejuvenation SWT treatment

Ellipse offers the ability to treat both diffuse redness and pigmentation damage with a single Selective Waveband Technology pass, leading to a smaller number of treatments being needed.

Photo rejuvenation

Ellipse IPL treatment of sundamaged skin Ellipse IPL treatment of sun damaged skin
Before and after 3 treatments / Courtesy of Dr. SIMÓN-CASTELLVÍ
 Before and after 1 treatment / Courtesy of Ellipse Spain
 Shondra_Smith_melasma_before-small  Ellipse IPL treatment of melasma
 Before and after 2 treatments / Courtesy of Dr. Shondra Smith
 2_rejuvenecimiento_antes_cortesia_dr_simon  2_rejuvenecimiento_after_cortesia_dr_simon
 Before and after 3 treatments / Courtesy of Dr. Simon
 Pia_Forsslund_hand_before-thumb.jpg  Pia_Forssluns_hand_after_4w_after_1tx-thumb.jpg
 Before and after 1 treatment / Courtesy Pia Forsslund, Stockholmskliniken
Before and after 3 treatments (Patient C)
Before and after 1 treatment / Courtesy of Dr. SIMÓN-CASTELLVÍ
Before and after 2 treatments / Courtesy of Dr. Fredneda
Before and after 1 treatment / Courtesy of Dr. Henry Chan
Before and after 3 treatments
Before and after 3 treaments
Before and after 2 treatments / Courtesy of Dr. Michael Drosner
Before and after 2 treatments / Courtesy of Dr. Agneta Troilius

"All in all I am very happy with the results!

Before treatment I had sun damages particularly at the chest. The blushing was permanent and tended to become even worse in connection with stress or alcohol consumption. After only three treatments the blushing has almost disappeared and I am now more careful protecting my skin with sunscreen every day. I also had some facial thread veins as well as sun damages on my cheeks. These are almost gone now."

Patient C, Denmark

 "I have obtained a marvellous skin rejuvenation result for which I am grateful!
I was met by professional employees with vast experience. They evidently enjoy their work and they have a positive approach to people. You feel that you are in good hands.”

Mrs. Anja, Denmark

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