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Onychomycosis laser treatment 

Treat onychomycosis (nail fungus) in 10 minutes and without pain by Nd:YAG

Onychomycosis (nail fungus) can affect finger or toe nails.

There is a huge and growing base of patients who need a definitive onychomycosis treatment.
A treatment that is more effective than topical solutions and at least as effective as systemic
antifungals, but without the long-term commitment, and especially without the risk of side effects associated with systemic drugs.

Ellipse's Nd:YAG laser uses a "painting" technique to apply several shots per second, across the whole nail, cuticle and nail folds. 5 laser passes are applied per nail and a unique pass counter keeps track of each pass.
A 4 mm spot combined with use of a  short sub-milisecond pulse and fast repetition rate make it possible to complete treatment of all 10 nails in only 10 minutes.

The onychomycosis Nd:YAG laser reatment is painfree. Ellipse's patented SoftCool® cooling system sends a continuous jet of cool air across the treatment area. This increases patient comfort, while still allowing the nail-bed to reach the desired temperature.


Clinically proven, safe and effective laser treatment

Ellipse has developed the MultiFlex+ Nd:YAG laser, already an indispensable
tool for vascular treatments, to treat onychomycosis rapidly, effectively and with high
patient comfort.

How does an Nd:YAG laser work on onychomycosis?

The exact mechanism of nail fungus (onychomycosis) treatment is not totally known. Heating the fungus is one major factor, but introducing a sub-millisecond pulse adds a “photo-acoustic” effect to the treatment, weakening the cell structure of the fungus.

A series of flashes of infrared light is aimed across the whole nail, including the nail folds (the skin immediately surrounding the sides and base of the nail). This heats up and destroys the fungus that is present. To ensure complete coverage, the whole series of pulses is repeated four times, and the individual flashes overlap each other.





“I find the Ellipse MultiFlex+ a true work horse in my daily work. Practically no matter which vascular lesion I am treating the MultiFlex+ becomes my preferred choice because of its wide application range, excellent ergonomics and efficient cooling system.
With the addition of the onychomycosis application I can add a new treatment in my clinic which I was previously unable to offer.”

Prof. Agneta Troilius, Scanstadkliniken, Malmö, Sweden




See an onychomycosis Nd:YAG laser treatment


5 passes are applied per nail and a unique pass counter keeps track of each pass.


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