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Ellipse MicroLight for laser hair removal

Ellipse MicroLight HR/Pro

Attractive SWT laser hair removal results at an attractive price

Ellipse MicroLight puts the beauty of Ellipse IPL laser hair removal within reach of just about any business-minded clinic.
Priced as attractively as it performs, Ellipse MicroLight features easy operation and is pre-programmed to ensure safe and effective hair removal treatments.
The new innovative PLUS applicators offer low running costs as their life-time is considerably longer than what is known from traditional I²PL applicators.
Owing to a very favourable "Pay Per Shot" principle you will experience up to 50 % savings compared to what applies for previous applicators from Ellipse.
With the new HRL 600 applicator large areas like a male back can be treated in less than 20 minutes.
MicroLight comes in two versions: MicroLight HR which is a cosmetic system dedicated for hair removal and the CE medically cleared MicroLight Pro, which offers skin rejuvenation as an option.


Exceptional Selective Waveband Technology

Ellipse MicroLight uses Intense Pulsed Light to achieve long-lasting hair removal. Called Selective Waveband Technology – this technology ensures that only light with the correct characteristics (wavelengths) reaches the client’s skin making the treatment safe and effective. Today SWT is commonly referred to as laser although strictly speaking it is not.

Innovative applicators with low running cost

The Ellipse MicroLight operates with the revolutionising SWT applicators. Rather than the traditional HR applicator which on average lasts in the order of 30-50.000 shots you get the long-lasting SWT applicators, which are offered as a "pay per shot" model - and at a significantly lower cost per shot.
With the SWT applicators you get:
• a fixed number of prepaid and guaranteed credits.
• Ellipse’s proven clinical efficacy to ensure client satisfaction.
• high repetition rate even during intensive use.
• additional lots of prepaid credits for a fixed and attractively low cost.
• only rare need to send applicator off for repairs or refurbishment. This provides for additional savings on shipment cost. Repair costs are covered by Ellipse or local authorized service provider (light guide and shipping costs excluded). 

Great footprint – hair removal on full back in less than 20 min.

An 8.64 cm2 footprint makes HRL 600 the largest and fastest IPL laser hair removal applicator in the market, enhancing client throughput.
The larger footprint means fewer overlaps and skipped areas ensuring better results.

Laser hair removal in all skin types

For SWT laser hair removal, three different SWT applicators are offered: the standard size HR 600 (600-950nm, 10mm x 48mm) and large foot print HRL 600 (600-950nm, 18mm x 48mm) are both suitable for skin types I-V while the HRD 645 (645nm-950nm) is for hair removal in skin types III-VI. 


 Ben_106x58(1).jpgHair removal blaapil.gif
Put an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal.  

Skin rejuvenationblaapil.gif
Remove age spots, telangiectasias, diffuse redness and uneven pigmentation on the face and body.

NB! Only available in the MicroLight Pro version.  


I perform several hundred hair removal treatments in my clinic every month and have been in the IPL Hair Removal industry since 2002. I have experience with several other IPL systems, which require up to 12 treatments for satisfactory hair removal. I chose my MicroLight system because of its better hair clearance performance - good results are obtained already after 6-7 treatments. I also prefer MicroLight because of its larger footprint and rapid pulse repetition rate, which reduces treatment time; and its attractively lower running costs. It maintains a very comfortable treatment for darker skin types without the need for post-treatment skin cooling. In meeting the high demand of treatments, I also find that the system needs very little maintenance, which means that I can get on with it without having to worry about machine-downtime.

Mrs. Tabby Kara, owner/therapist, Skin & Body International, Lenasia, South Africa


Ellipse HR-L applicator for laser hair removal

The large 8.64 cm2 footprint of the 

HRL 600 applicator and its superb ergonomics make it even faster and better for hair removal on large areas than the HR 600.


 Easy touch screen operation of Ellipse MicroLight

The touch-screen operation is intuitive and comprises Ellipse's well-known clinical intelligence.





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