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Ellipse 5-ALA based PhotoSpray for PDT

Age defence treatment*

Think Intense Age Defence with PhotoSpray

Now there is a new alternative in your range of anti-aging resources: the innovative Intense Age Defence programme from Ellipse.

This is a painless, two-step procedure where Intense by Ellipse PhotoSpray enhances the well-established Ellipse Selective Waveband Technology light procedure.

Gentle formula

The key to Ellipse Intense Age Defence is our Intense by Ellipse PhotoSpray. Its gentle but effective formula enhances the level of laevulinate already present in our cells. Intense by Ellipse PhotoSpray encapsulates laevulinate in a liposome, which aids penetration into the top layer of the skin. 

Liposome encapsulated 5-ALA in Ellipse PhotoSpray

Intense results

After three months 67% obtained a significant improvement in the appearance of wrinkles.

Three months after a course of three Intense Age Defence procedures 60% improvement in skin density was recorded (up to skin type V).  


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*Only for sale in contries where this is accepted

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