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Ellipse I2PL IPL laser

Ellipse I2PL+

Built-in flexibility to treat a broad spectrum of patients

The Ellipse I²PL+ continues the high standards that have put the Ellipse brand in the lead since 1997. Leading physicians have been actively involved in the development of the Ellipse I²PL+.
Dual Mode Filtering and Square Pulse Technology, which eliminates need for active cooling and enhances efficacy are two reasons why Ellipse I²PL+ is so highly respected.
Ease of use and variety of treatments are two reasons why it is so widely used.
Ellipse I²PL+ offers a wide range of aesthetic and dermatologic treatments which can be further enhanced for the individual clients via Expert Mode.
The system comes with a database of patient and treatment data. This is easily accessed via the on-screen keyboard.

The latest additions is the PL 400 applicator for PDT enhanced treatments.


I2PL+ - easy and safe to use

Patient parameters are entered before a treatment session is started.
The system calculates safe, effective settings based on these parameters. Every treatment is automatically logged in the database.
On-screen access to the entire instruction manual is available to guide users. Thanks to the intuitive user interface in local language, getting started with Ellipse I²PL+ is easy.

Cost effective - low and fixed running cost

The ergonomic SWT® applicators are designed for unsurpassed lifetime. To ensure a fixed and low running cost these applicators operate on a “pay per shot” principle.
Every time the applicator is used credits are drawn. When the stored credits are low, further credits can be purchased, to top up the account.

Fast treatment - hair removal on full back in less than 20 min.

Repetition rate is adjustable from 1.25 to 3.5 seconds between shots for optimal speed and comfort. With the new HRL 600 applicator, treatment of large areas such as a full back can be accomplished in less than 20 minutes.

B&A pictures and clinical end-points on screen

All available treatments are supported by a range of excellent before & after and clinical end-point pictures which can be displayed on screen. The user manual and a comprehensive clinical workbook is also directly accesible from the screen.

Choice of colours

The Ellipse I2PL+ series offer a choice of four colours: white, red, green and blue. The user interface display can be set up in different matching colour schemes.

Expert Mode for individual fine-tuning of I2PL+ settings

Eight highly specialized applicators are currently available.
Any two applicators can be connected to the system simultaneously.
Ellipse I2PL+ is additionally equipped with a pass-word protected Expert Mode which allows the experienced user to fine-tune settings.


One system - multiple applications

In contrast to a laser, a single Intense Pulsed Light system can be used for many different treatments. Ellipse I²PL+ permits safe, effective and lasting solutions for:  


 Ben_106x58(1).jpgHair removal blaapil.gif
Put an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal.  
 liggende_ansigt_106x58.jpgVascular lesions blaapil.gif
Remove vascular lesions such as telangiectasias, hemangiomas and Port Wine Stains.  
 hnder_106x58(1).jpgPigmented lesions blaapil.gif
Remove benign epidermal pigmented lesions quickly and gently.  
 Ansigt_spejl_106x58.jpgPhoto rejuvenation blaapil.gif
Remove age spots, telangiectasias, diffuse redness and uneven pigmentation on the face and body.  
 Mrk_pige_106x58.jpgAcne vulgaris blaapil.gif
Help your patients obtain a clearer complexion without the use of antibiotics.  

PDT enhanced treatments blaapil.gif

Treat actinic keratosis, acne and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


“My choice of the ELLIPSE I²PL is based on collegial recommendations. Decisive were the superior results compared with any Alexandrite laser. This is related to dual mode filtering and true square pulse technology of to the Ellipse. Running costs are exceptionally low, compared to other IPL systems."

Dr J. Louw, 3 Dorset Place, Vincent,

East London, 5247, South Africa

"I was never a big believer in IPL based systems due to the broad light output spectrum. I was only a fan of lasers and felt that some of the light energy in IPL's ought not be used in photo rejuvenation. Ellipse's unique dual-mode filtering technology provides a narrower, more selective wavelength range. The system enables me to specifically target both pigmentation and vascular structures in the skin for efficient skin rejuvenation treatments in just a few treatments"

Niel Brody, M.D., dermatologist Manhasset, NY


Ellipse PLUS applicators in wall mount

The Ellipse I2PL+ comes with the unique series of ergonomic SWT® applicators.


Expert Mode in Ellipse I<sup>2</sup>PL Plus

Expert Mode allows the experienced user to fine-tune settings for individual patients.


On screen keyboard for Ellipse patient database

Patient database is easily accessed via on-screen keyboard. 


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