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Practically painfree hair removal

laser Removal of unwanted hair

Practically painfree SWT laser hair removal with documented long term results

Excess hair may be the result of medical conditions, but the pressure to remove it may be cosmetic.
Cultural norms and peer group pressure often require the removal of hair in certain regions such as the face, axillae (armpits), legs and bikini line for women and the chest and back for men.
Ellipse Selective Waveband Technology and laser based systems provide the fastest hair removal on the market and are applicable for skin type I -VI (The special HRD 645 applicator is suitable for skin type III - VI).
Excellent hair clearance is obtained after only 4-6 Selective Waveband Technology treatments and clinical long term studies have proven that 77% hair is still away after 10 years.
Hair removal by Ellipse Selective Waveband Technology is nowadays commonly referred to as laser hair removal although strictly speaking it is not a laser.
Owing to Ellipse's square pulse technology and dual mode filtering hair removal by Ellipse SWT systems is practically painfree in contrast to many true laser treatments.


Clinically proven, safe and effective

Ellipse Selective Waveband Technology laser hair removal treatment offers clinically-proven, safe and effective long-term removal of unwanted hair.

How does the Ellipse SWT laser hair removal treatment work?

To achieve long lasting or permanent hair removal, it is necessary to destroy the hair follicle from which individual hairs grow. Controlled pulses of light penetrate the epidermis and are absorbed by melanin in the hair contained in the follicle.
Melanin converts the light energy into heat. This heat is transferred to the hair follicle, which is destroyed, making it unable to produce a new hair. Hair in the resting (telogen stage) are treated later. The treatment is only effective on growing hairs as these are still attached to the follicle.
This technique is called "Selective Photothermolysis”.
Ellipse laser hair removal principle
The visible light produced by Ellipse SWT and laser systems is carefully controlled to ensure the correct pulse length, wavelengths and right amount of energy to destroy the follicle.
If you would like further information, please read frequently asked questions or contact us or find your local distributor.


“I have purchased an Ellipse I²PL  machine in April 2007. This machine was purchased after thorough research, as I had previously bought another piece of equipment which promised miracles, but produced NONE.
The results I've been personally receiving with the Ellipse I²PL  are phenomenal. Hair removal is my biggest market and as I mostly work with Indian skin the HR-D applicator works wonders. I have yet to come across a machine with a separate applicator which targets darker skin types.
I've also got a lot of new clients in who have previously had treatments done with "other" lasers and IPLs, without much success. Now they are extremely happy with the Ellipse.
Another wonder of this piece of equipment is the VL-2 applicator, which is used for skin rejuvenation. Once again results are phenomenal.”

Rufaida Moosa, Flamingo Top Health & Skin Care Salon, 25 Woodpecker Street, MacKenzie Park, Benoni, 1501, South Africa

"I have recently upgraded my Flex system to add hair removal capability. I am impressed with the efficacy and reduced discomfort. My patients love the results. Now that I have the complete system, I can't say enough about what this machine can do"

Neil Brody, MD, dermatologist Manhasset, NY



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