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Ellipse MultiFlex IPL laser

Ellipse MultiFlex+

Superb SWT® & laser performance on vascular lesions and onychomycosis

The elegant MultiFlex+ combines an ergonomic Nd:YAG laser and innovative Selective Waveband Technology applicators to allow a wider range of dermatologic treatments than ever before. The Ellipse Nd:YAG is CE-marked as a medical device not only for leg veins but also for facial telangiectasias, reticular vessels, resistant port wine stains, venous lakes - and via a special sub-milisecond pulse application now also onychomycosis.

The MultiFlex+ comes with the Selective Waveband Technology (SWT®) applicators. These offer a long working lifetime, with guaranteed and known low running-costs.

An innovative design combining low weight and flexible cabling offers the patient a comfortable treatment experience, while reducing operator fatigue.

The SWT applicators comprises a large footprint HRL 600 applicator enabling hair removal on full back in less than 20 minutes.

The latest addition is the PL 400 applicator for PDT enhanced treatments.


Future-proof SWT® & laser technology platform

Utilizing both state-of-the-art laser and SWT® Square Pulse and Dual Mode Filtering technologies, Ellipse MultiFlex+ offers a range of modalities tailored to current and future requirements for specific treatments.
The MultiFlex+ is available in 4 different variants: in black or white, with or without external keyboard (onscreen keyboard is standard).

Nd:YAG for vascular treatments such as leg veins and onychomycosis

Ellipse MultiFlex+ features an Nd:YAG laser applicator offering superb ergonomics with smooth adjustability of working light, aiming beam, and spot size. The applicator comes with 3 interchangeable tips: a circular for most vessels, a semi-circular for use close to the eye and nose, and a tip with sapphire window to treat underlying feeder vessels. The Ellipse Nd:YAG is CE cleared for leg veins, facial telangiectasias, reticular vessels, resistant port wine stains, venous lakes and onychomycosis.

Nd:YAG laser air cooling for patient comfort and low running cost

A patented integrated cooling system, SoftCool™ produces cooled air exactly where you need it - at the treatment site - and requires no extra operator. The focused stream of cool air minimizes patient discomfort by efficiently removing excessive heat before, during and after Nd:YAG treatments.

Built-in clinical intelligence allows safe delegation

Based on the operator’s evaluation of patient parameters, the system chooses appropriate default treatment settings while in “Normal” operating mode. Full traceability is provided as every treatment event is automatically logged in the patient database. This enables physicians to safely delegate treatment to staff members.

Clinically proven performance

Numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies have proven that Ellipse MultiFlex+ has one of the market’s highest hair clearance rates. It offers photo rejuvenation option for diffuse redness and pigmentation requiring only two treatments, as opposed to more than five for most alternative systems. It can achieve incomparable acne results, and it offers a superior solution for all vascular lesions.

Advanced SWT® and laser settings

A password protected “Expert” setting allows experienced users to modify certain aspects of the settings. The optional “Pulse Definition” mode enables total programmability for the most advanced users to research new applications and set the boundaries of even more effective treatments.


One system - multiple applications

In contrast to a laser, a multi-technology platform can be used for many different treatments. MultiFlex+ permits safe, effective and lasting solutions for:

 Ben_106x58(1).jpgHair removal blaapil.gif
Put an end to slow, messy and painful methods of hair removal.  
 liggende_ansigt_106x58.jpgVascular lesions blaapil.gif
Remove vascular lesions such as telangiectasias, hemangiomas and Port Wine Stains.  
 hnder_106x58(1).jpgPigmented lesions blaapil.gif
Remove benign epidermal pigmented lesions quickly and gently.  
 Ansigt_spejl_106x58.jpgPhoto rejuvenation blaapil.gif
Remove age spots, telangiectasias, diffuse redness and uneven pigmentation on the face and body.  
 Mrk_pige_106x58.jpgAcne vulgaris blaapil.gif
Help your patients obtain a clearer complexion without the use of antibiotics.  

PDT enhanced treatments blaapil.gif

Treat actinic keratosis and acne, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

 Ben_106x58(1).jpgLeg veins using Nd:YAG blaapil.gif
Clear leg veins and other difficult vascular lesions such as facial telangiectasias, reticular vessels, resistant port wine stains and venous lakes effectively.
 Onychomycosis_toe_nail_NdYAGOnychomycosis using Nd:YAG blaapil.gif
Treat onychomycosis (nail fungus) quickly and effectively, without pain and without the side effects of drugs.

Warts using Nd:YAG blaapil.gif

Treat resistant warts quickly and effectively with an intense beam of infrared light. 




"I have been using the MultiFlex platform for months now - clinical results are impressive and complications minimal: well done Ellipse.

I have been comparing clinical results with a world leader in IPL treatments, the Lumenis Quantum platform, and no doubt - the MultiFlex is the IPL to buy! We did a good choice."

Chief Oculoplastic Surgeon, Simon Eye Clinic, Barcelona, Spain

“What I like about the MultiFlex platform is the fact that I can treat all vascular indications with a single system. When dealing with homogenous redness like PWS, rosacea or fine telangiectasias, I use the I²PL (PR or VL applicator). For leg veins or thicker telangiectasias I use the Nd:YAG applicator. All three options in a single system!”

Prof. Michael Drosner, Institute for Laser Research in Dermatology, cutaris Center, Munich, Germany



Ellipse PLUS IPL applicators

The Ellipse MultiFlex+ comes with the unique series of ergonomic SWT® applicators.


Ellipse MultiFlex Nd-YAG laser handpiece

The focused stream of cool air in the Nd:YAG applicator minimizes patient discomfort.


Pulse Definition mode in Ellipse MultiFlex

The optional Pulse Definition mode enables total programmability of treatment settings.


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